What makes Curtis Orthodontics Special?

You may find yourself wondering if there is a difference between orthodontists.  The answer is yes, absolutely!

All artists use a paintbrush to create a painting, but not all artists have the skill to create masterpiece after masterpiece.  Dr. Curtis has the expertise, skills and knowledge to do just that – CREATE SMILE MASTERPIECES!  The proof of his expertise lies in the amazing smiles he creates, time after time.  Dr. Curtis is the perfect choice to create your new, beautiful smile!

Don’t take our word for it, we invite you to read testimonials from our patients on google and online. Even better, take a look at our “RESULTS” tab on this website and see the beautiful smiles that Dr. Curtis creates.  After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words!

We'll make sure your child is on track to have a healthy and beautiful smile


We’ll help your teen discover their perfect smile


It's never too late to achieve a beautiful smile


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