Office Tour

We've created our office for our Amazing Patients

It may seem crazy, but it’s true…. when Dr. Curtis decided it was time to build a new office, his first thought was his patients.  Our patients are amazing, truly!  So we set out to create an amazing orthodontic practice for our patients.

Why do we do what we do?  It’s simple.  We love our patients.  We love meeting them.  We love getting to know them at each visit.  We love catering to them.  We love watching them have fun.  And mostly, we truly love to see them smile. Everything in our office was created to meet that goal.

We’d be honored to have you visit our office and provide us with the opportunity to make your day a little happier, make your smile just a little brighter and a little more beautiful!

{We know what you’re thinking!  Don’t worry, just because we choose to cater to our patients does NOT mean it will cost you more.  Since day one we’ve set out to make braces affordable.  Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, come see us and we’ll help make it happen!}