Love Your Smile

We’re excited to help create your teen’s brilliant and confident smile!

Treatment Options

With our specialized braces and technologically advanced wires, we can minimize discomfort and create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime faster and easier than you ever thought possible!



Braces Your Way
We offer our patients the choice of clear or metal braces.  Some teens love to show off their braces with fun colors.  Others prefer a more invisible option and choose to go with our clear braces.  You’re in luck because we offer all types of orthodontic treatment.


Invisible and Confident
Another option to clear braces is Invisalign®.  Invisalign works as a series of invisible aligners that change periodically to quickly straighten your teeth.  This is a perfect option for teens that prefer invisible orthodontic treatment.

The Best Choice for your Teenager’s Orthodontic Care

Smile Guarantee

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your teenager’s future.  We believe this beautiful, new smile should last a lifetime. On the day your child’s braces come off, we’ll provide them with everything they need to make it last.  If they do their part, we’ll do ours… we’ll guarantee that smile!

Rewards Card Program

Creating a beautiful smile is a team effort.  We need our patient’s help by brushing their teeth, wearing rubber bands, etc.  Rather than just demand their help, we encourage it by providing fun incentives.  Our patients can earn points for helping us create their smiles… they redeem these points for gift cards!

Fun Environment

Some believe getting orthodontic treatment is just part of a teenager’s “awkward” stage.  We beg to differ!  We believe in making orthodontic treatment fun and exciting.  Our office has been designed to cater to our patients & guests.  We promise to make every visit to our office fun!

VIP School Shuttle

Our VIP Shuttle runs throughout the school year.  We pick you up from your local school, bring you to our office for your appointment, and then bring you right back to school.