Shaved Ice Truck

Why Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Gourmet Hot Cocoa?

We are particularly fond of authentic Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Gourmet Hot Chocolate. In fact some may say we are over-the-top obsessed because we built our own shaved ice and hot cocoa truck! They may even be right.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give back to the community in which we live!  It’s a blessing to live in North Idaho and we don’t take it for granted.  Dr. Curtis believes that helping and serving others isn’t just an obligation, it’s a way of life.  Sometimes it’s difficult to be able to “do it all” and we’re smart enough to understand we can’t.  So we’ve chosen to “give” most to our local schools, which in turn give so much to our patients and community.  Dr. Curtis has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to our schools (both in free orthodontic treatment as well as donations) and he’s grateful to have the opportunity.  Yes! We love our schools, but we also want to help other organizations in our community.

One way we have decided to give back is by happily sharing our “Sweet Smiles” truck with local schools and for community events.  We believe there’s a lot of people that share our obsession for sweet Hawaiian Shaved Ice and oh-so-creamy hot cocoa.

Our goal is two fold…..  one, to serve our community; and two, to put a smile on faces throughout town.  Our Sweet Smiles Truck helps us accomplish both of our goals!

It’s up to you to choose if you will use “Sweet Smiles” as a fundraiser by selling the shaved ice and hot cocoa, or if you just want to provide the treats for free. Either way, we will donate the use of our truck as well as 100% of the supplies necessary to serve up the sweet treats. All you have to provide is a great event, 2 adult volunteers to help create the snowy goodness & warm liquid chocolate as well as one volunteer to handle the money/ticket collection (total of 3 volunteers needed for each event).

Please fill out the form below for scheduling and qualifying “Sweet Smiles” for your event!

Sweet Smiles Application

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