Invisalign Teen®

If you think Invisalign® is just for adults, think again! Your teen can get the look they have always wanted with Invisalign Teen® in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. If your son or daughter is considering alternatives to braces, call Curtis Orthodontics at 208.772.7272 for an appointment with our orthodontists.

Teens are busy. They have school, sports, hobbies, friends, maybe even a job. And of course, there are video games, smartphones and social media. The point is that teens these days are just as busy as adults. They may not have the time to spend in the chair to have their braces adjusted and if they are in and out and off to one thing or another, they may not be able to do the extra brushing and flossing required with braces. And you don’t want to nag, do you? Teens eat just about anything and not everything on their menus is braces-friendly. And of course, no matter how confident your teen may seem when you are younger, looks are everything.

If this is the case for your teen, talk to Dr. Erik Curtis or Dr. Clint Wire about Invisalign Teen clear aligner system. It works the same way as Invisalign. Your teen will receive a series of clear trays made to fit their smile, each of which they will wear for about two weeks. As the treatment goes on, their teeth will be moved into proper alignment. They will still need to see Dr. Curtis or Dr. Wire so they can check their progress, but not nearly as much as they would with regular braces. Since they take out the aligners before meals, they can still eat whatever they want. Well, what they eat is your department. Invisalign Teen just makes it easier. Since the aligners are clear, your teen won’t feel self-conscious about wearing them. To see if your child and Invisalign Teen are a good match, call us today!