Braces are great for giving you a healthy smile but they don’t always give you the look you want. After all, you may not want people staring at your mouth while they are talking to you. And if you’re like everybody else, you’ve got a lot going on and may not have the time to take care of braces. So how do you get the smile you want without braces? You’re in luck! Talk to our orthodontists, Dr. Erik Curtis or Dr. Clint Wire, about Invisalign® in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Give us a call today at 208.772.7272 and we’ll set up your appointment.

Invisalign is great for people who want a straighter smile but who don’t want their braces to enter the room before they do. Braces can make you look younger, but younger is not always better at the office, on the jobsite, or when you are out with friends. And you may not have the time in your schedule to come in to Curtis Orthodontics to have your braces adjusted. And if you work, or even if you are a stay-at-home parent, your schedule is already pretty full, and braces do need a lot of extra brushing and flossing. Finally, with braces a lot of food is off-limits.

Invisalign can be an easy fix for your smile problem. Dr. Curtis or Dr. Wire will take digital impressions of your teeth and we’ll use those to create a series of clear aligners. They are comfortable and you wear each set for about two weeks, give or take. They move your teeth vertically and horizontally, and can even rotate them to give you the smile you have been wanting all these years.

But wait, we’re not done yet! Why are they called Invisalign? We’re glad you asked. They are practically invisible. They are clear and fit snugly against your teeth, so no one but you, Dr. Curtis, Dr. Wire and whoever you tell will know you are wearing them. You take them out to eat, so go ahead with the corn on the cob and ribs, or whatever your favorite food is. Plus, the aligners are easy to clean. Invisalign is the perfect solution for adults who want to improve their smiles, so call us today to get started.